About Dave Smith


Dave Smith started his comic journey as a colorist for Extreme Studios/Image Comics back in the day, and then for Liquid Graphics. He colored all kinds of high profile comics for Liquid like Fantastic Four and all the X books, but everybody just remembers Battle Chasers! He also colored some covers for DC comics (JLA and Birds of Prey). After that, Dave went to film school and didn’t get into the film business! Don’t laugh. This probably happened to you as well. Dave painted a bunch of backgrounds for Eli’s Dirty Jokes, find ‘em on Youtube.

Currently, Dave teaches Photoshop and Illustrator classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. He runs his over-the-top card game company Famous Card Games with his debut game Nuclear Bro-liferation. Dave also contributes all kinds of cool UI, marketing, storyboards and cut scene material for the forthcoming indie videogame Killing, My Friend. Last but not least, Dave is continuing his comic Immense Robot at Nerd Colony. The story picks up where it left off from the original four part mini-series, which can be found on comiXology.